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An investigation of the American passion for security provided by one man on one motorcycle, travelling 15,000 km along the US borders with Mexico and Canada.

(Published May, 2010 and now available in paperback in the United States and Canada.)

"The two wheels of Lundy’s bike trace an illuminating path through space and time.  A great ride and a great read, Borderlands is a profound exploration of the rough ground where rival histories, ethnicities, and mythologies jostle for their place in the sun."

—Ronald Wright, author of A Short History of Progress, and What is America?

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A bestselling chronicler of the sea turns to a trio of his own ancestors to see what memory and the selective plundering of history has made of the truth in Northern Ireland.

“A blend of meticulous research, storytelling, and memoir…. Balanced and suggestive, this book throbs with intelligence.”
The Vancouver Sun

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Derek Lundy reminds readers what Melville and Conrad expressed so well: that the sea voyage is an overarching metaphor for life itself. Lundy tells his gripping tale with the kind of storytelling skill and writerly breadth that is usually the ken of our finest novelists.

“An exceptionally rich and satisfying weave. Hoisting sail aboard his ship Beara Head in 1885, Lundy sails her on an enthralling voyage through maritime literature, history, sociology and folklore. . . . Lundy is so intelligent and vivid a writer that The Way of a Ship earns its place as a worthy 21st-century descendant of such classics as Two Years Before the Mast and Typhoon.”

–Jonathan Raban, author of Passage to Juneau

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In the tradition of Into Thin Air and The Perfect Storm, an intensely gripping account of the round-the-world single-handed yacht race that claimed the life of Canadian sailor Gerry Roufs in a make-or-break dash through 12,000 miles of terror in the Southern Ocean.

"Dramatic... Powerful... Remarkable... Derek Lundy's riveting and wonderfully expressive chronicle... is also a compelling example of creative non-fiction at its best." —The Ottawa Citizen

"Superb and engaging..." — The Globe and Mail

Godforsaken Sea defies categorisation with the same facility with which it induces fascination. It is simply a great book. Lundy’s mixture of philosophy, psychology, meteorology, and physics is always embroidered by the human element. Their hope, fear and pain seem like staging posts on a spiritual journey.” —The Herald (Glasgow)

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Shortlisted for the Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize 2011